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Praise God you've found us! Welcome to our website. We are a Christian community where everyone is welcome. You matter to God and to us as well. If you are looking for a church dedicated to obey the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, you are at the right place. We have a celebrative type of worship where we focus our heart's affection and mind's attention to God. We worship Him in Spirit and in truth, with reverence and awe, biblical, and acceptable to Him. We are committed to fully obey the Great Commission--make, mature and multiply disciples and churches unto all the nations. I hope you and your family could visit us in one of our worship celebrations. You may also check out our small group schedule if you desire to grow as a devoted Christ's follower and transform your community. Find one nearest you or do the honors of hosting one at your home.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,
Pastor Armando De La Merced
November 18, 2020

Dear GFC@HOME Families and friends,

Surely, I can count on you in spreading Christ's hope to people in the Philippines devastated by two strong typhoons. Through your generosity, we sent an offering for disaster relief to help victims in their time of need, and to hear the Gospel of Hope from our disaster relief teams. Thank God also for the gift of joy and of salvation to thousands of poor children through the Christmas Shoebox Campaign to which many of you committed to participate. Let me know if you want to participate too.

Thank God that the government restriction of twenty five people for gatherings indoors or outdoors doesn't include church worship gatherings where we practice health and safety precautions. That means you may worship with us in person this weekend, a Saturday, at 11:oo am, at the Fellowship Hall. Make your reservations now to Leila by texting her at 5712324152 and read our safety guidelines. If you are unable to come in person, feel free to join us online and invite others to our virtual worship this Sunday, at 11:00 am, on facebook or on youtube.

I can't wait to share with you what God has laid in my heart to preach this weekend --THANKFULNESS AMIDST TROUBLED TIMES (Habakkuk 3:17-19, 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18). It's unusual to read this text on a Thanksgiving Day around loving family and friends enjoying a feast of abundant blessings. What about if we are stripped away of all material blessings, can we still praise and thank God? What about if you are in the depths of despair and pain, are there reasons for you to thank God for? How do we learn this radical and supernatural thankfulness no matter what we are going through life. Don't miss this message this Lord's Day!

Thankful to God for you all,

Pastor Arman 

November 11

Dear GFC@HOME Families and Friends,

Year 2020 is a challenging year for all of us. As we remember this week those who have given their lives to defend and protect liberty and justice for all, let us be reminded of two facts: 1) The ultimate sacrifice of the Lord Jesus to set us free from spiritual slavery, and 2) The Lord's mandate for us, as good soldiers of Christ, to fight the good fight of faith, to keep strong in the faith, and to finish our life's journey well (2 Tim 4:7). Let us press on to maturity and to engage lostness and darkness around us with the love, message, and hope of Christ, knowing that His grace is sufficient for all hardships we are facing!

I'm looking forward to worshipping the LORD of Glory with you this weekend: a) in person on November 14th, Saturday, 11:00 am, at the Fellowship Hall (see guidelines below and RSVP at 5712324152), and/or b) online on November 15th, Sunday, at 11:00 am, on facebook or on youtube. Keep inviting your friends to join us, and volunteer to serve the Lord by joining a team: worship team, tech team, welcome team, health and safety team.

This weekend, I'll preach the Word on -- A THANKFUL HEART (Ephesians 5:15-21; Colossians 3:15-17). How is it possible to thank God always in all things and for all things, thereby having a thankful heart unto the Lord in any circumstances? It's easy to give thanks to God when we receive a blessing from the Lord, however, it's extremely difficult to do it when we face "evil days" of disruption, disappointment, and distress. Learning to become thankful to God no matter what, not only glorifies Him, but also makes us overcomers of negative thoughts and feelings, and life's storms and battles.

Forever grateful to God for changing my life and yours,

Pastor Arman 

PRAY WITH US!: Saturdays, 3:00 pm, at meet.jit.si/gfcprayer meeting.
November 22nd: Thanksgiving Sunday at GFC

November 04,

Near GFC@HOME Families,

Cheer up for God is on His throne! His Kingdom is unshakable, unconquerable, and irreplaceable. He rules over all, and He is in us all through His Holy Spirit comforting us, strengthening us, and sustaining us, no matter what. May His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

I can't wait to be worshipping our great and awesome God with you in person this Saturday at 11:00 am at the Fellowship Hall, and online on Sunday at 11:00 am on facebook and on youtube. Our worship services are designed to be meaningful and safe for you and for your family and friends. For those of you who will join us in person, kindly a) RSVP to Leila at 5712324152 and b) read our instructions and guidelines attached herewith. 

This weekend, we'll begin our new message series on BE THANKFUL. Our first message is on THANKFULNESS TO GOD (Hebrews 12:28-29, 13:15; Psalm 50:14,21). Anyone can thank someone, but Spirit-filled Christians give thanks to God for His greatness, for His mercies, and for His goodness. We give thanks to the ultimate source of every good and perfect gift, Who causes all things to work together for our good, and Who brought us into His unshakable Kingdom through faith in Christ. In this message, 
we'll learn how to thank God with reverence and awe through words, worship, and service. Let us make known to the world Who we thank for and why. 

Giving thanks to God in all things and for all things,

Pastor Arman 

October 28

Dear GFC@HOME Families,

The most comforting truth for God's people in times of affliction is "The LORD reigns" (Psalm 93:1). He rules on His throne with power over all His creation (Psalm 103:19). Because He who is in-charge is good, He causes all things to work together for our good to those who love Him. Therefore let us surrender our worries, our anxieties, and our fears to Him. Let His Word be the supreme authority in all of life's concerns -- moral, spiritual, relational, and socio-political. 

I'm looking forward to worshipping God with you in person this Saturday at 11:00 am at the Fellowship Hall (safe environment following CDC health and safety guidelines and with the room equipped with Hepa filters). Please RSVP to Leila at 5712324152 before Friday and read our Guidelines attached herewith. For those who would choose to worship at home, join us online  on Facebook or on Youtube, this Sunday at 11:00 am. Let us prepare our households in the Celebration of the Lord's Supper by meditating on Christ and what He has done for us at the cross, confess our sins to God, and those worshipping online, prepare the elements (grape juice and crackers).

This weekend, I will preach the Word on GLORIFYING GOD IN ALL THINGS (1 Samuel 2:30, Psalm 57:5, 1 Corinthians 10:31). God is worthy of glory for His grace and for His works. Our response to His glorious character and works is to honor Him in all things we think, say, and do. How do we glorify Him instead of claiming the glory which belongs to Him alone? How will the righteous Judge reward those who honor Him in this life, and in eternity?

Soli Deo gloria,
Pastor Arman 

October 21

Dear GFC@HOME Families,

Praise be to Christ's ineffable love which constrains us to love Him more dearly and follow Him more nearly (2 Cor 5:14). He saved us with His redeeming love, clothed us with the robe of His righteousness, and set our feet upon a solid rock! How are you doing these days? May you all be compelled with the same powerful force that moved Paul to live with unreserved devotion, total surrender, and undiminished passion and zeal for Him.

Join us this weekend for our indoor-in person worship assembly on Saturday, 11:00 am, at the Fellowship Hall. Because it's getting colder outside, we will meet indoors beginning this weekend. If GBC could meet indoors safely for months, we could do the same. Please read our safety guidelines attached below and text Sister Leila at 5712326142 for reservations. Those of you who are providentially hindered to join us in the flesh for worship, fellowship, and edification, keep engaging in worship with us online on facebook and on youtube.

Our message this weekend is on WHOLENESS:OVERCOMING TEMPTATIONS (James 1:1-18). Learning how to overcome temptations is non-negotiable for growing unto full maturity in Christ. Trials and temptations are allowed by God to test the genuineness of our faith and to bring out the best in our character. Satan's temptations are designed to bring the worst in us leading to destruction and to a lot of miseries. However, God's grace enables us to endure trials and to triumph over temptations. Would you like to learn the biblical strategy to overcome temptations daily? This message is for you. Don't miss it.

Glad growing with you in wholeness,

Pastor Arman 

October 14

Dear GFC@HOME Families,

"The Lord reigns, He is clothed with majesty and splendor; The Lord has clothed and encircled Himself with strength; the world is firmly established, it cannot be moved" Psalm 93:1 (AMP).

The most comforting truth for us in times of suffering and overwhelming stress is the sovereignty of God. He ordains all things by His counsel or by His permissive will, and He reigns supreme over all creation, nations, events and circumstances. He does whatever His wisdom and purpose determines. He is the One who sustains us through any crises -- our loving Father and our Anchor in the storm of life. Let's encourage one another with this unchanging truth.

Join us this weekend, Sundays at 11:00 am, for our online worship via facebook or youtube. Sorry, we can't meet in person this Saturday for the venue is not available. See you all next Saturday, the 24th, instead and invite your family and friends to a family-friendly, COVID-safe, in person worship assembly.

This weekend, I'll preach the Word regarding WHOLENESS: CONQUER DAMAGING EMOTIONS (Ephesians 4:11-13,22-32). In this message, we'll learn the significance of the church family to grow towards wholeness, and the C.O.N.Q.U.E.R. approach to winning the battle against emotional hang-ups that holds us back from pursuing God's will, poisons your body, and hurt your witness, faith, and relationships. There's hope, help, and healing for you (1 Thessalonians 5:22-23, Romans 8:37). Find out how, this Lord's Day, and take someone with you on this journey of faith towards wholeness.

Yours as Christ's Under-shepherd,

Pastor Arman 

October 08

Dear GFC@HOME Families,

Greetings in the precious Name of our "God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and the God of all comfort who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction..." (2 Cor 1:3-4). Praise be to Him who comforts, strengthens, and helps us get through any afflictions and troubles. He provides stability in our faith that we are not crushed, not despaired, and not destroyed in spite of difficulties. He opens up for us a ministry of comforting those who are suffering from all kinds of trouble: anxiety, stress, serious mental illness, pain, and fear.

This weekend, let us gather to worship our loving, ever-present, sovereign God, online on youtube and on facebook this Sunday at 11:00 am, and/or in person outdoors this Saturday at 11:am at GBC Lawn (Please read our safety guidelines attached on your email). I will speak on WHOLENESS: DEVELOP A CHRISTIAN MIND (Romans 15:14, Colossians 3:16, 2 Timothy 3:16-17). Do you long to break-free from negative, destructive, and ungodly thoughts? Do you desire to be transformed into Christlikeness and live a Christ-exalting life daily? What will it take for such change to happen in your life? Find out the secret to an inside out life change that includes change in perspective, feelings, and behavior. Learn effective ways to develop a Christian mind, and develop the ability to apply biblical knowledge in every aspect and issue of life.

With you in knowing Christ more and more,

Pastor Arman 

September 30

Dear GFC@Home Families,

Glory be to God for the unity in prayer of thousands of His redeemed in DC last week! God is worthy to be sought and He does great and mighty things through prayers! What a great event that coincides with the conclusion of our message series on prayer.  

This weekend, join us in worshiping God and in celebrating the Lord's Supper online on facebook and on youtube, Sunday at 11:00 am. If you miss church a lot, we encourage you to join us in person in a family friendly, COVID-safe worship gathering at GBC Lawn this Saturday at 11:00 am. Doing so honors God and sustains us through difficult and challenging times. To confirm your coming, please text Leila at 5712324152 and read our guidelines attached herewith.

I can't wait to share with you our new message series on Growing in Wholeness (full maturity, complete sanctification). Only Christ can made us whole spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and socially. Man's efforts fail like broken jars that can't hold water (Jeremiah 2:13) since it focuses only on the external with temporary results. This weekend, I will talk about Growing in Christian Wholeness (2 Peter 3:14-18). Let us learn powerful, life-changing truths for you to find the wholeness in all aspects of your life you long for, experience daily victory over hang ups, besetting sins, and its consequences, and see the beauty of Christ displayed to the world through us.

Transformed by grace,

Pastor Arman 

*October 3rd, 3:00 pm on jitsi: Prayer Meeting
*October 10th, 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm: Leadership Team Meeting

September 23

Dear GFC@HOME Families,

May this letter find you safe and well! Praise be to our God the Father of mercies, the God of all comforts, and our God of Hope who fills our hearts with all joy and peace (2 Cor 1:4, Rom 15:13). As we go through these times of uncertainty and fears, let us fix our minds on Him whose care for us is certain.

You are not alone during these times of uncertainty and major disruption. We are in this together, and we'll get through this better and stronger together! Let us know how we can pray for you and help you with. Gathering for worship, edification, and community honors God, sustains us, and generates joy. In this regard, I encourage you to keep joining us online for this purpose on FaceBook and on YouTubeSundays at 11:00 am. If you are able, join us too in a COVID-safe, in-person, outdoor worship gathering this Saturday at 11:00 am, at GBC Lawn (please RSVP at 5712324152, and check out our safety guidelines attached herewith). Our Prayer meeting this Saturday will be at 3:00pm on Jitsi Meet. 

This weekend, pray with me that God's Spirit will use the preaching of His Word on PRAYING TO THE LORD OF THE HARVEST (Matthew 9:35-38). We are to pray for what our Lord Jesus asked us to pray -- Gospel workers! Who is the Lord of the Harvest? Why must a movement of prayer precede movements of great harvest of souls? How do we exactly obey Christ's command that will enable us to join Him in what He is doing, and to see breakthroughs in finishing the task of the Great Commission? In obedience to Christ's teaching on prayer, I'll present three prayer challenges to you. Don't miss it!

With you in beseeching the Lord of the Harvest,

Pastor Arman 

September 16th

Dear GFC@HOME Families,

Our sovereign LORD, omnipotent Creator, and heavenly Father commands us to fear not “When you go through deep waters and great trouble, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown! When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up—the flames will not consume you” (Isaiah 43:2 TLB). His presence in us and among us assures us of victory over any difficulties we face today and in the future!

Your faithfulness in worshiping with us online and/or in-person greatly matters to your spiritual vitality. We encourage you who are able to join us, this Saturday at 8:30 am, at GBC Lawn, for a COVID-safe, Spirit-Led, in-person worship with your GFC faith family (Please RSVP at 5712324152 and see guidelines on your email). We may change the schedule in the coming weeks for it is getting colder outside. For you who are providentially not able to join our in-person worship assembly, please keep joining our online worship assembly on FaceBook and on YouTube this Sunday at 11:00 am. 

We're growing deeper in prayer as we follow Christ's teachings on prayer. This weekend, we'll talk about PRAYING THROUGH LIFE'S CHALLENGES (Luke 11:1-8, 18:1-8). Many of our prayers come short of answers because we pray perfunctory prayers rather than persevering prayers. Why must we never get weary in praying to God until we receive His answer? Why does a loving Father not always grant what we ask Him for the first time? What are the possibilities of persistent praying? This lesson on prayer by Christ will help you become a man or a woman mighty in prayer. Don't miss it this Lord's Day!

Called to pray through,

Pastor Arman

***Sep 19th @ 11:am on Jitsi: Prayer Meeting online

September 09

Dear GFC@HOME Families,

Shalom! Thank God for your response to our message last weekend, for more people who joined with us in worship, and for new small groups that started recently. Let's pray for God's leadership and provision as we navigate these times of uncertainty and fear.

Worship with us this weekend: Saturday at 8:30 am, at GBC Lawnin person (Please RSVP to Sister Leila at 5712324152 and read attached safety guidelines), and on Sunday at 11:00 am online on FaceBook and on YouTube. Let's worship our great and awesome God by singing the Word, praying the Word, reading the Word, and preaching the Word. The Word of God saves, sanctifies, encourages, strengthens, generates joy, and builds us up as missional worshipers.

I can't wait to preach the Word to you this weekend. My message is on PRAYING EFFECTIVELY (John 14:12-15, Romans 8:26-27, 1 John 5:14-15). How do we overcome powerlessness and spiritual poverty that are prevalent today due to prayerlessness and praying amiss? In this message we will learn three keys to praying effectively -- with great result and reach. Watch out that you may not miss this message that the Holy Spirit can use to draw you closer to God's heart and activate God's power in your life and ministry!

With Christ in the School of Prayer,

Pastor Arman 

September 10th at 7:30pm: Leadership Team Meeting
Septembet 15th: 10 am to 1:30 pm, Empowered Conference at Midlothian; Spiritual Warfare in times of Crisis (COVID, political tension).

September 02

Dear GFC@HOME Families,

Greetings in the Name of our infinitely holy, lovingly sovereign, and incomprehensively great God! He is our refuge, our present help, and our comfort in times of troubles (Psalm 34:17, 46:1). His promises are the anchor of our hope in life's storms and battles. Let us keep trusting Him and keep worshiping Him in the best of times and in the worst!

You are invited to celebrate God's faithfulness and wonders this weekend, online and/or in person. We'll celebrate the Lord's Supper too. Let' us meditate on God's Word regarding what Christ has done for us on the cross, confess our sins, and prepare the elements at home. For you who will join us in person this Saturday at 8:30 am, at GBC Lawn, we'll provide pre-packed Lord's Supper bread and juice. For new people who will show up this Saturday, please see our safety guidelines attached on your email.

Join me this weekend in a Spirit-led worship gathering around God's presence, God's Word, and with God's people. I'll preach the Word on PRAYING IN THE SECRET PLACE (Matthew 6:5-13). The Lord's first teaching on prayer is having a secret place for prayer where we meet God in solitude daily to commune with Him, to hear Him reveal His will to us, and to receive grace, strength and blessings from Him for life and for ministry. Everyone of us needs such sacred spot if we desire to grow and be used by God in advancing His Kingdom to the world in ways beyond our imagination. God promised that showing up daily in a secret place of prayer will never be unfruitful. If so, why do many Christians neglect their private prayer? How will this discipline help build praying churches and workers? How do we take our prayer lives to the next level? Find answers this Lord's Day and invite someone with you.

With you in growing deeper in prayer,

Pastor Arman 

September 10th: Leadership Team Meeting at 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm.
Thank God for your Kingdom Investment in supporting our missions: Aug 16th ($4,580), Aug 23rd ($2,120).


Opportunities for Growth and Ministry:
1. We encourage you to join our Small Groups. You will grow as an authentic, devoted, multiplying Christ's follower in the context of a loving Christian community. Healthy disciples make up a church that impacts the world for Christ.
2. We love to have you in our Prayer Meeting every Wednesday (7:00pm--Joint prayer with GBC and Hispanic; 7:30pm GFC at Chilton room) and every Saturday at 9am-10am, at room B-117. Our God is worthy to be sought in prayer. He helps us become a praying church with prayer-energized lives and ministries, making breakthroughs in world missions.
3. We would like you to belong to our Church Family. Sign up to our Discover Membership at GFC seminar. Know who we are as a church family, how we make an impact in people's lives, and how you can be a part of it.
4. We would like you to grow in Christ-likeness, strong in the faith, useful and victorious. Sign up to our Discover Spiritual Maturity workshop. Learn our vision to grow Christ-like, obedient, strong and fruitful disciples. Learn a simple pathway to Christian maturity.
5. We would like you to develop a servant heart. Sign up for Finding Your Ministry at GFC workshop. Find the joy of serving the Lord using your God-given abilities and gifts. Discover ministry opportunities where you can serve with effectiveness and impact.