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Praise God you've found us! Welcome to our website. We are a Christian community where everyone is welcome. You matter to God and to us as well. If you are looking for a church dedicated to obey the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, you are at the right place. We have a celebrative type of worship where we focus our heart's affection and mind's attention to God. We worship Him in Spirit and in truth, with reverence and awe, biblical, and acceptable to Him. We are committed to fully obey the Great Commission--make, mature and multiply disciples and churches unto all the nations. I hope you and your family could visit us in one of our worship celebrations. You may also check out our small group schedule if you desire to grow as a devoted Christ's follower and transform your community. Find one nearest you or do the honors of hosting one at your home.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,
Pastor Armando De La Merced
20 February 2020

Dear GFC Faith Family,

Next in importance to our life of constant intimate communion with God is our life of communion (fellowship) with one another for worship, prayer, discipleship and encouragement. That's why the Scripture's appeal to us is "not give up the assembling of ourselves" (Hebrews 10:25; c.f. Matthew 6:33). 

This weekend, I'll finish our series on The Church with a message on MARKS OF A TRUE CHURCH (Matthew 16:13-19). Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Head and the Supreme Authority of His church, reveals to us the clear distinguishing marks of a true church. In this age of many counterfeit Christian churches, confused churches, and dying churches, we need to hear this message again and again. As we make disciples unto all the nations, this message will inspire faith in Christ who promised "I will build My church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it." His church is unstoppable, unconquerable, and pervasive. Let us rejoice and be glad that we are part of God's forever family--the Church!

With you in advancing His Kingdom for His glory,

Pastor Arman 

February 23rd: Launching of Bless Your Neighbor Campaign (Feb 23- Apr 12).
March Series: "THY WORD"
March 1st: Lord's Supper

13 February

Dear GFC Faith Family,

This month, let us celebrate God's infinite, unchanging, gracious, holy and everlasting love for us. Let us adore Him for how He has shown that love --"Behold, what manner of love the Father has shown to us, that we should be called the sons of God" (1 John 3:1). It is the highest kind of love that flows from Him to us and back to Him, to our love for one another as a church family, to marital love that goes throughout life, and to our love for the lost which drives us to global missions. With such love of God, nothing, absolutely nothing, can separate us (Romans 8:32-39)!

This weekend, our message is about -- WORSHIP IN A HEALTHY CHURCH (Hebrews 10:19-25; Acts 20:7). How does true worship looks like? Why must we not forget the assembling of ourselves especially during the Lord's Day? Is there any legitimate reasons for skipping church habitually and willfully? How about dangers or horrible consequences of missing church, why does God warn us about those? Find out this Lord's Day, and let us bring our family and friends. Pray also for me that the Holy Spirit will use this message to encourage us in our journey of faith.

Better is one day in the house of the Lord than a thousand outside,

Pastor Arman 

February 13th; March for Life, Richmond
February 21-22: Discipleship Conference, Danville, VA.
March 1-2: "Who's Your One" Evangelism Training; Hampton ,VA.

07 February

Dear GFC Faith Family,

Thank God for those who completed the Connection CLASS 101 (Membership at GFC) last Sunday. Let's welcome them warmly in Christ as brethren in God's forever family and as partners in finishing the task of the Great Commission. Remember to continue praying for 1) those infected by NCOV in Wuhan and in affected countries, 2) for Ate Ellen and Vicky, Pastor Sermon, and Pastor Mangsat, and 3) for Thom and Susan's Mission work in the Philippines.

This weekend, don't let trivial matters hinder you from celebrating the Lord's Day with us. I will speak on Marks of a Healthy Church -- part 2. Healthy things grow. That's why being a healthy disciple, having healthy teams and staff, healthy small groups and ministries, are crucial to moving forward to a bright future for our church family. How do we work together in that direction? What resources has God Almighty given us that we can use to maximize our health? Find out, and let's "rise and build."

Soli gloria Deo,

Pastor Arman 

31 January

Dear GFC Faith Family,

Thank God for your response to our message last week on Membership Matters. Truly, it honors God and it is essential to our Christian life. Let's welcome those whom the Lord is adding to our church family. 

This weekend, we'll learn what the Scripture says on MARKS OF A HEALTHY CHURCH (Mark 4:26-29; 1 Cor 3:6-9). Healthy churches grow and multiply disciples and churches by God's power and in obedience to His design for His church. If a church is not growing, there's something unhealthy in its life and ministries. How do we work with God in maximizing and sustaining the health of our church? What's the key to turning around dying churches into dynamic churches? Learn how you could take part in excelling more in the seven areas of church health?

Glad to be a part of God's family,

Pastor Arman 

February 2nd at 2:30 pm: Connection 101 Membership CLASS.
February 21-22: Replicate Discipleship Conference, Danville, VA.

24 January

Dear GFC Faith Family,

I thank God and I'm proud of all of you who served last week in making our 20th Anniversary Celebration God honoring and well participated. Glory to Him for His Kingdom Building in and through us through the years in spite of storms, setbacks, and struggles. Now what? Let us move forward in faith to claim what God Almighty has laid before us this year and beyond. Our best years are not behind us but before us!

This weekend, in continuation of our two month-long celebration, I will preach on BETTER AND MORE CHURCHES: MEMBERSHIP (Acts 2:37-47, 9:26; Matthew 16:15-18). This message is part one of five messages on the doctrine of the Church. I will talk about why church membership matters. Many troubles in churches today come down from a mistaken view of what Church Membership means. Why is church membership essential to God, to the world, and to believers? Are there legitimate reasons for not belonging to a local church? My prayer is that you will consider making a commitment to God to be a covenant member of GFC if you are an attender, or renew and increase your level of commitment as a member thereby honoring God and joining Him in His great plan for His church.

Glad to be a part of God's forever family,

Pastor Arman 

15 January

Dear GFC Faith Family,

With joy, adoration and heartfelt thanksgiving, let us celebrate God's Kingdom building in and through GFC this weekend!
To Him be the glory alone for every wonderful deeds that He has done for 20 years. Let us thank Him for bringing us together
reflecting His love and manifesting His power and grace to a watching world.

Part of our celebration is honoring God by giving Him praise and thanks for what He has done in our lives since we joined GFC. We'll pin our written thanksgivings and pictures or drawing of our blessings to our 10,000 REASONS Wall of Blessings. Please come prepared to do so.

This weekend, I will speak about our Anniversary Theme: BETTER AND MORE Disciple Makers, Ministries, and Churches (Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 20:19-21, 1 Thessalonians 1:1-8). Though God has done great things in the past, our Church's best years are ahead of us, not behind us. Where is our Lord leading us? How do we get there? What's your part in making this vision a reality? Let us come with hearts ready to worship and be challenged. Bring your family and friends.

Soli Deo gloria,

Pastor Arman 

January 19th: 20th Anniversary Celebration of GFC (11:30 am Worship, 1:00 pm to 3 pm Lunch Fellowship).
January 21st: Prayer Summit at New Bridge Baptist Church, Sandston, VA; (10 am -3:00 pm).

09 January

Dear GFC Family,

God Almighty is able to make all things new (Isaiah 43:19; Revelations 21:5)! This year, let's set our faith in Him to do new, better, and greater things. He is able to turn rebels into worshipers and new creatures in Christ. He is able to turn our difficult circumstances into victories. We'll experience His new mercies, new strength for the journey, and new hope for a better year.

Let's give God praise and thanks for many of you who signified their commitments to join God in making 2020 our best year in history. By God's grace and power, let us pursue His desires and vision for 2020. For some of you who are still praying for God's leading on what your part could be to turn this vision into reality, you may make that commitment to the Lord this Lord's Day by signing a commitment card.

This weekend, we'll continue talking about our Vision 2020. Our message is about BETTER AND MORE DISCIPLE-MAKERS (Acts 20:20-21; 1 Thessalonians 1:5-8; Matthew 28:18-20).One of our major focus this year is reproducing disciples who make disciples, which is the heart of the Great Commission and in our Lord's priority. Though some understand and practice it, most do not. That's why, we will examine what Jesus means when He calls us to a life of discipleship, why it is essential for each one of us to lovingly obey, and how do we carry on His command today? 

Advancing His Kingdom together,

Pastor Arman 

*January 19th: GFC's 20th Anniversary
 January 21st: Prayer Summit, Sandston ,VA.
 January 25th: Prayer Bootcamp, Centreville B.C.

02 January

Dear GFC Faith Family,

Greetings in the Name of our God Almighty who has been our Help, Refuge, Shepherd, and One who is able to make His grace abound in and through us! This year, He will continue to be such a good and faithful God. Let's trust Him to care for us from the beginning of this year to the end of this year (Deu 11:12), and that He will crown our year with His goodness (Ps 65:11). 

This first weekend of the year, let us prepare our hearts and seek God's face to receive His vision for us. I will talk about, GOD'S VISION FOR YOUR LIFE ( Acts 20:20 and selected passages). What's the path to receive and fulfill God's vision that He has set for our lives? How do we distinguish a God-given vision from just a good idea? How do we make the most of opportunities God is giving us this year in achieving His vision? May the Holy Spirit speak to us through His Word. See you all in our church gathering this Lord's Day.

Trusting God for a great year,

Pastor Arman 

Jan 19th, 2020: 20th Anniversary of GFC

26 December 2019

Dear GFC Faith Family,

I hope you all had a great Christmas celebration and that we will carry on its spirit throughout the year. In a few days, we will be welcoming a New Year filled with God-given opportunities to grow, to have a maximum impact in advancing God’s Kingdom, and to see God’s powerful hand move in us and through us.

Join us this weekend for our VISION 2020 SUNDAY. We will have a sneak preview of exciting things God has in store for us next year, and how each of us can have a part in it. If there is a church family gathering that is so important for us not to miss, this is it. By the grace of God, next year could be the greatest year in the history of our church. Together, let us see God’s vision for our church, why we need to pursue it, and how we could accomplish it for His glory.

To Him who is able,

Pastor Arman 

January 19th, 2020: GFC's 20th Anniversary


Opportunities for Growth and Ministry:
1. We encourage you to join our Small Groups. You will grow as an authentic, devoted, multiplying Christ's follower in the context of a loving Christian community. Healthy disciples make up a church that impacts the world for Christ.
2. We love to have you in our Prayer Meeting every Wednesday (7:00pm--Joint prayer with GBC and Hispanic; 7:30pm GFC at Chilton room) and every Saturday at 9am-10am, at room B-117. Our God is worthy to be sought in prayer. He helps us become a praying church with prayer-energized lives and ministries, making breakthroughs in world missions.
3. We would like you to belong to our Church Family. Sign up to our Discover Membership at GFC seminar. Know who we are as a church family, how we make an impact in people's lives, and how you can be a part of it.
4. We would like you to grow in Christ-likeness, strong in the faith, useful and victorious. Sign up to our Discover Spiritual Maturity workshop. Learn our vision to grow Christ-like, obedient, strong and fruitful disciples. Learn a simple pathway to Christian maturity.
5. We would like you to develop a servant heart. Sign up for Finding Your Ministry at GFC workshop. Find the joy of serving the Lord using your God-given abilities and gifts. Discover ministry opportunities where you can serve with effectiveness and impact.