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Praise God you've found us! Welcome to our website. We are a Christian community where everyone is welcome. You matter to God and to us as well. If you are looking for a church dedicated to obey the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, you are at the right place. We have a celebrative type of worship where we focus our heart's affection and mind's attention to God. We worship Him in Spirit and in truth, with reverence and awe, biblical, and acceptable to Him. We are committed to fully obey the Great Commission--make, mature and multiply disciples and churches unto all the nations. I hope you and your family could visit us in one of our worship celebrations. You may also check out our small group schedule if you desire to grow as a devoted Christ's follower and transform your community. Find one nearest you or do the honors of hosting one at your home.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,
Pastor Armando De La Merced
​GFC@Home | April 2, 2020 

Dear GFC Faith Family,

Are you feeling down lately, overwhelmed by fear and despair, as you watch the daily news about the COVID-19 global crisis? Cheer up, we are more than conquerors in Christ!

Join us online for our Lord's Supper Celebration and Worship. Yes, this Sunday, April 5th, at 11 am, at https://www.facebook.com/GraceFilipinoChurch, you can participate with us in a meaningful communion experience. This is an ordinance given by our Lord Jesus Christ to all who are part of His redeemed church to remember His work of salvation on the cross for us and our new covenant with Him. To join: 1) Buy and prepare the elements beforehand --grape juice and crackers or unleavened bread, 2) Follow along the pastor's instructions as a family or individually in your home, and, 3) Text Pastor Arman your snapshot/photo indicating the number of people in your group and your response to the Lord's message.

This weekend, I will talk about the Cross and Communion. I'll focus on CHRIST: OUR HOPE (1 Timothy 1:1, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Hebrews 6:19, Romans 15:13, Colossians 1:27). In the bleakest, darkest, and scariest times, Christ followers have the brightest hope! How do you find the hope you need? Experience Christ's sure, supernatural, steadfast hope. Be able to give a logical and persuasive answer to anyone who asks you of the reason for such hope (1Peter 3:15).

My anchor holds within the veil,

Pastor Arman  

Upcoming Online Events:
April 04th: Prayer for COVID-19 at 9 am.
April 10th: Good Friday Reflections on 7 Sayings from the Cross (Time TBA).
April 12th: EASTER Celebration at 11 am .

26 March

Dear GFC Faith Family,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ who says, "In the world you have tribulation, but take courage, I have overcome the world" (John 16:33).

In these times of uncertainty and elevated fears and anxieties, we have a Shelter of hope, peace, and security -- God Almighty! He never changes in His goodness and in His trustworthiness. As He promised in Romans 8:28, He is turning all things for the good of His Kingdom people and for the glory of His Name. Yes there's panic and there's hoarding, but peace and compassion abound too. Yes, there are all sorts of idolatry in the culture, but now many people are realizing the brevity of life and their need for the true and living God. Yes, there's social distancing, but God's people maintain spiritual closeness with God and with one another. Praise be to God!

This weekend, due to the demand for answers regarding COVID-19 Pandemic such as, "Where is God in times like these?" and "What is the biblical perspective on this global crisis?", I will talk about -- THE DIVINE SHELTER (Psalm 91). What does it look like to live under the shelter of the Most High? What does it mean to trust in the LORD in times of crisis? What's the difference between careless presumption and confident faith? Why can we be absolutely sure that God will do as He says? Find answers from God's inspired Word this Lord's Day. Join us this Sunday at 11:00 am to 12 pm for our online Worship Celebration. 

With you under the shadow of the Almighty,

Pastor Arman 

​SCHEDULE OF OUR ONLINE GATHERINGS (Contact Pastor Arman for links)
Sunday at 9:30 am​: Tagalog Sunday School
Sunday at 11:00 am: Worship Celebration
Monday at 7:30 pm: ASA Bible Study
Tuesday at 7:30 pm: Dumfries Bible Studies
Wednesday at 7:30 pm: College and Career Bible Study
Friday at 4:00 pm: Triangle Bible Study

21 March
Dear GFC Family,

This Sunday, March 22nd, from 11:00 am to 12:nn, don't miss our Livestream Worship Celebration. Gather as a family, invite others, then tune in 10 minutes earlier to http://www.facebook.com/GraceFilipinoChurch. Remember to like this site on Facebook, participate by sending your comments and responses, prayer requests and thanksgivings.

My message is GOD'S QUICKENING WORD (Psalm 119:25-32). God's Word is amazing! It has power to quicken (give life, revive, and strengthen) those who take it seriously. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused fears, sufferings, and increased depression on a lot of people. How do we sustain our strength and spiritual fervor during these times? What can we do to rise up from depression to devotion, from sighing to singing, and from hopelessness to hope? Find answers by joining us this Lord's Day. Pray that God Almighty and infinitely good use this message to bring life, revival, and new strength to hearts and souls.

We shall overcome,

Pastor Arman 

19 March

Dear GFC Faith Family,

Greetings in the Name of our Glorious Lord and Blessed Redeemer – Jesus Christ!

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, things changed drastically causing hysteria and stress to many around the world, yet has caused a calm, reasonable, and courageous confidence in God’s goodness and power to Christ’s followers. It presents to us unique challenges and opportunities.

How do we get through this crisis victoriously?

1. Let’s use the power of prayer. Trusting in the goodness and power of God, our first response to any crises is prayer. God intervenes when we pray! Let’s keep praying for one another, for the Government and first responders, and for missionaries, church planters, and churches around the globe who are ministering the Gospel.

2. Let’s use the power of a Gospel community. Get closer to God and to one another. In these times of “social distancing” we can draw spiritually close to God and to one another in creative ways. We won’t allow a virus to distance us from our intimate communion with God, and from connecting with one another for fellowship, ministry, and edification (Hebrews 10:25). With wisdom and caution, we could increase engagement to our Online Church Community for worship, prayer meetings, small group, Leadership Team meetings, and giving. We’ll activate every member to check on and care for one another’s well being (physical, emotional, and spiritual health). As we do these, out of love and not out of fear, we’ll shine for Jesus, keep growing, and we’ll rise up victoriously by the grace of God!

3. Let’s share Christ to the lost. As Christ’s ambassadors, we’ll share the love and message of Christ to unbelievers in appropriate ways. These are the times when our lost family members, friends and neighbors realize the brevity of life and the need for hope. We could show them the only cure for a greater disease of sin in the heart is Jesus Christ.

Our plans, for now:

1. We’ll be adopting with the news. Our Team will compile the most important and the most helpful information and pass them on to you: government directives, updates, and changes in plan. We’ll evaluate and respond on a week by week basis until we’re back to normal.

2. We’ll use the blessing of technology to continue our meeting together for worship, prayer, small groups, and Leadership Team chat. GBC has cancelled all their activities and prohibits use of the building facilities beginning this week until further notice. Starting this Sunday, March 22nd, we’ll gather as an Online Church Community or as a network of house churches for worship at 12:15 pm through Facebook Live. Our Tech Team will send you instructions on how to connect after we test it this Friday, March 20th, at 6:30 pm. You will also receive the schedules of our online gatherings as soon as we’ve finalized it by Saturday. For small groups, Sunday School, and Team Meetings, we recommend the use of Jitsi Meet. We’ll provide many other services during the week for your growth, encouragement, and equipping: Prayer Meetings, Devotionals, Bible Studies on special topics, Training Courses, Online Giving tools, and other resources your family can use.

3. We’ll maximize ministering to one another, to those who are at risk, and to those who are suffering through prayer, calls, sharing God’s Word, delivering care packages, and helping out in our communities as God enables us.

Brethren, since God got our backs and this pandemic, He will help us get through this together. Like Esther, this could be our finest hour to shine.

Our eyes are on Him,
Pastor Arman 


10 March

Dear GFC Faith Family,

Glory be to God for your response to His message last weekend. Truly, our lives are hid from sin, because we hide God's Word in our hearts. Thank God for His Word -- our infallible guide for faith and life, and an effective resource for discipling the nations.

Psalm 119 is known as the Golden Alphabet about the excellencies of God and of His Word. Keeping it leads to a blessed (divinely happy) life. This weekend, I'll talk about GOD'S DESIRABLE WORD (Psalm 119:16-24). The key theme of this passage is intense desire for God's Word: to feed on it, to live by it, and to be transformed through it. How is having such an intense desire for the Word a mark of spiritual health and of an advancing experience with God? What is the role of the Holy Spirit in our craving for, grasp for, and obedience to the Holy Scripture? Don't miss this message for trivial reasons. Join us this Lord's Day. Let's worship our awesome God, and level up our spiritual growth!

Treasuring God's Word in my heart,

Pastor Arman 

05 March

Dear GFC Faith Family,

Thank God not a single person in our area has been infected by COVID-19 so far. Let's keep it that way by taking care of ourselves and others by following CDCs precautions. Let us trust God almighty for protection from diseases (Ps 91:1-4,7), for the end of this pandemic and its effects, and that He will use this phenomena to point people to the much dangerous virus of sin in the soul which Christ alone can cure.

This weekend, we'll talk about God's Purifying Word (Ps 119:9-16). How do we become pure and stay pure in a world dominated by a spirit of immorality? The divine answer is by "treasuring God's Word in our hearts" (v.11). How do we exactly do that? Find out this Lord's Day. Discover the joy of practical holiness and the path to victory over sinful and destructive lifestyle.

Walking in His paths,

Pastor Arman 


Opportunities for Growth and Ministry:
1. We encourage you to join our Small Groups. You will grow as an authentic, devoted, multiplying Christ's follower in the context of a loving Christian community. Healthy disciples make up a church that impacts the world for Christ.
2. We love to have you in our Prayer Meeting every Wednesday (7:00pm--Joint prayer with GBC and Hispanic; 7:30pm GFC at Chilton room) and every Saturday at 9am-10am, at room B-117. Our God is worthy to be sought in prayer. He helps us become a praying church with prayer-energized lives and ministries, making breakthroughs in world missions.
3. We would like you to belong to our Church Family. Sign up to our Discover Membership at GFC seminar. Know who we are as a church family, how we make an impact in people's lives, and how you can be a part of it.
4. We would like you to grow in Christ-likeness, strong in the faith, useful and victorious. Sign up to our Discover Spiritual Maturity workshop. Learn our vision to grow Christ-like, obedient, strong and fruitful disciples. Learn a simple pathway to Christian maturity.
5. We would like you to develop a servant heart. Sign up for Finding Your Ministry at GFC workshop. Find the joy of serving the Lord using your God-given abilities and gifts. Discover ministry opportunities where you can serve with effectiveness and impact.