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 New Life Christian Church 
New Life Christian Church (NLCC), lead by Pastor Luis Escapalao, is a ministry in the Philippines that focuses on church planting across different regions in the Philippines.  Empowered by the Lord, NLCC has been able to plant churches in places like Borongan (Eastern Samar) and Ajuy (Iloilo).   

Recently, GFC's support was focused more on helping NLCC recover from the destruction of super storm Yolanda.  The storm had wiped out the NLCC's church building in Ajuy, Iloilo.  GFC has been helping rebuild their church building.as well as sent releif goods gathered here in Virginia for our brethren in NLCC who were affected by Yolanda.  


Family picture of Pastor Luis Escapalo (Pastor Luis is the one sitting in the center)
Destrunction caused by Yolanda.  (L - house is totally levelled to the ground, R - a tree falls on the roof of a house.
Once the storm had left, rebuilding started.  Here the missionary builders start to clear the area for the new church building.  The storm had totally destroyed their old church building.  This is in Ajuy, Iloilo.
We have fallen.
    But we’ll get up.
Even though we sit in the dark,
    the Lord will give us light.
                            (Micah 7:8)
Missionary builders work through the night..
Here the missionary workers rest for the night.
Work resumes in the morning.
The roof of the new church building being set in place.
God's work pushes on, here several youths have made the decision to dedicate their lives to the Lord through water baptism.
Slowly the people start to gather in their new church building!
Soon enough the people start wiorshipping in their new church building!  Despite not having walls worship continues.
Children's feeding ministry.
Youth participating in the children's ministy.
Praise be to GOD!